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Stakeholder engagement platform

Along with the project’s website, the Stakeholder Platform will be a major outlet for ACHIEVE’s outputs. The Stakeholders Platform will include results on the high integrity principles for voluntary climate action. Additionally, the data, assumptions, parameters, and outcomes of the WPs will be synthesized and integrated into the platform. 

A first collection of requirements for the platform has already been performed by ACHIEVE partner WWF, in the context of a Master thesis project at the University of Barcelona and the EU-CHARM program for university mobility. The participating students used the interviews with members of Alliances for Climate Action and analysed them through the Behavioural Change Wheel framework to identify what topics the platform should prioritise. This study resulted in the main objectives for the platform, namely providing information supply and facilitating peer-to-peer learning. 

The platform is currently under further design and development and the first version will be released by May 2025.